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rain rain go away....come again tomorrow

June 06 2005
truthfully, i love rain. i just don't love the way it gives me migraines. But it also makes my eyes look really pretty! (weird, i know). so. my initial sadness is waning. i'm getting excited about Big Stuf. i had a pretty good day, even though i woke up at 1:00 PM...good Lord...i'll probably reupdate this thing at around 4 AM when i'm still awake and there's nothing on TV. just kiddin. i think my cold medicine is gonna finish me off. just finished watchin a movie called "Just Cause". man o man. it's good as a mug. wouldn't recommend watching it with parents or small children, cause it's kinda graphic, and the language is pretty bad. but man. it's a really good movie. i love psychological thrillers. I hate scary movies that are all chainsaws, telephone calls @ 1 AM, and bloodyness. I love a movie that makes you think. So. Pretty sure today was the "Pasty Nintendo Nerd/ Mexican/ Electronics Stalker/ Angry Soccer Moms/ Angry Lesbian Discount Day" at Wal-Mart. i hate going to wal-mart these days. It's quite depressing. It's just this swelling mass of angry people who obviously don't want to be there. Shopping and driving must bring out the worst in people. I swear, when i'm a soccer mom, i will smile at every Joe Blow who walks my way, because i hate not seeing a single person that looks non-homicidal when i go places. Nayways, on the not-so-negative side, i think i'm starting to figure out how to fix my God-problems. yay. I think admitting was the first step. man, Nathan, i wish you were here right now. I'm trying to create a cover page for a "Bruce-brochure" (sounds like something from a travel agency) and i'm having a heck of a time trying to design it. I have zero artistic talent. maybe Kelsey can help. well, i'm thinkin this is gonna be an okie dokie kinda week. Yay for Big Stuf. Hey, if anyone has a copy of Silas Marner, could you possibly lend it to me? i really don't wanna go buy it from Hastings. woot. thanks guys. ya'll are cool.---C-Unit


June 05 2005
man...Nathan, i barely even know you, and you leaving has depressed the crap out of me. which is weird, since i don't get depressed by much. maybe i'm having sympathy sadness for other people...or maybe i've gone crazy (which is a very good possibility). oh well. i miss oakland, which i never thought i'd say. i miss my posse. finished Ethan Frome, which was probably the saddest book ever. Next on the list...Fahrenheit 451. and later, Silas Marner. oh joy. but at least i have Big Stuf to look forward to. i've been really sad lately. i think i may need to fix some things in my life. i don't know what's got me down. i think Nathan's departure has triggered something in me. for one thing, i want to live in New York and have a career there w/ NHNY (not to follow Nathan, i just love NY). also though, i just feel like everyone's leaving without me. oh well. i guess my life and surroundings are not as stable as they used to be. Or maybe i'm just noticing them. Maybe they've never been stable, but i was to content to notice. anyhow, i think i'm going to bed. nite.