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April 24 2007

so wow. All-State was last Thursday-Saturday, and it was freakin amazing. i couldn't believe how much fun i had! granted, i thought my legs were going to have to be amputated, but it was worth it! firstly, our conductor, Dr. Snow, was fantastic. she was one of the nicest women i've ever met. secondly, everyone was really awesome, especially the Siegel kids i met. i honestly thought that i would end up hating them, but they were all so much fun! (although apparently, i am quite the harlot for going to get ice cream with two guys at night....ha.) but yeah. we got to go see the symphony at the Schermerhorn, along with other performances like that, and to top it all off, we got to do our big performance in the Schermerhorn as well! Let me tell you, it was amazing! The acoustics were out of this world, and our choir definitely sounded the best! (not that i'm biased or anything...) i mean, like, we got a standing ovation in the middle of our performance!

anyways. yeah. things are kind tough right now, and i realize that a lot of it is my own doing, but that doesn't really make it suck less. but governor's school is like, 6 or 7 weeks away, which is definitely a good thing. also, i have my voice recital coming up on May 3rd! yay rah! i'm singing two songs from Wicked, and i hope that they'll be ok. also, i found out yesterday that i have to go to the Awards Banquet for some award, but i don't know what it's for...weird.

so right now i'm in the process of attempting to break away from an extremely deep friendship, but i'm not really telling anybody (at least not anybody who would tell him...i think...) because i just want to quietly break away. but the whole thing is rather excruciating to think about, because i know how much i am going to miss him. i honestly love him so much, and i'm not sure what i'm gonna do without him next year. maybe things will change. but probably not, and that means that i'll probably have to be best-friend-less again next year. but that's ok. i feel like this is something that God is calling me to do. i just want to do it right this time around. this friendship has been affecting me mentally and spiritually for much too long, and it is time to put an end to all the internal warfare. but i have faith that if God takes him away, He will bring someone/something else along to fill that void. anyways, i have to go to bed, so i'll post more later. goodnight everyone! much love---Cari