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December 11 2006

goodness gracious. today, my car was searched for drugs and/or weapons by 2 SRO's. what the heck? they scared the living crap out of me. they told me that they had brought the drug dogs around the parking lot, and one stopped at my car and detected narcotics, which i'm pretty sure is a lie. if this tells you anything, Kelsey Shearron, Chris Hardman, and David Bunting all got searched (i.e., some of the best kids in our, i'm talkin squeaky clean like me...) so yeah, they made me cry uncontrollably, and i really thought that someone had left drugs in my car or was horrible. but now i'm just mad.

in other news, today i actually told the guy that i liked whom i shouldn't like that i liked him, but now i don't like him anymore, so i can go back to liking the sweet, good guy. that i've sufficiently bored ya'll to death i'll finish working on my project---much love---Cari


December 11 2006
Man, I told you and Kelsey to lay off the drugs! Just kidding... I can't believe that! Craziness! Well I'm glad somebody didn't plant drugs in your car after all!

Sarah Vermillion

December 11 2006
Megan McDonald accused me of knowing about the drug search ahead of time and choosing to stay home because it was easier than moving the travleing meth lab out of my car. : p


December 12 2006
aw. carrie. it doesn't sound like a very good day. but i'm glad that you worked out all the boy stuff. or at least it sounds like you did.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

December 12 2006
Good thing thing they didn't check Siegel...or my truck...I don't think the 4300 lbs. of LSD would have gone over well with the cops. Actually, my truck runs on LSD...what? ;)