Cari Jennings


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Oakland High School


December 10 2006

so. i am officially 17! but with that age, a lot of weirdness has suddenly come upon me...

why can't i like the good, sweet, Christian guy who may actually like me back for once in my life? why does it always end up being the other guy that i end up liking? the guy who i know likes someone else? will someone please tell me why, when i have liked someone very much for a long time, and they begin to seem to show any interest in me, i immediately stop liking them and like someone else? why do i like someone whom i've known a long time and never been attracted to, but suddenly am now? do i simply want what i can't have? am i a glutton for punishment? i'm pretty sure that God would not want me to be with this person. and i wish i could just make myself stop liking him. and i wish i could go back to liking the other person...but i just can't right now.  

dag. no bueno. but i'll just have to pray about it. being a teenager is quite confusing. anyways. i've kinda been in a funk lately. i think it's because i haven't been to church in a i have really been slackin' with the quiet times. it's not that don't want to, it just seems like i never have time. but i should make time. anyways, i gotta go study! much love to you all --Cari

Rachael Moore

December 10 2006
being a teenage is definitely quite confusing!!! and i know what you mean about the boys. back in my single days i would like a guy and rarely did that person ever like me back. and i would also stop liking someone the minute i found out or sensed they liked me. i think, for me personally, as much as i wanted to be in a relationship, i think it scared the poop out of me. but boys are silly. and i am SO sorry that i didnt tell you happy birthday on your birthday, BUT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope it was great! i love you so much and miss you like whoa. hope you have a wonderful day beautiful girl!

Nathan Moore

December 10 2006
well... happy belated birthday!