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November 09 2006

I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT! i'm so teefs' is so pretty! but seriously, it's really nice to have them off. i mean, i've had them since 8th grade. but dag gums are swollen. they hurt like crap.

so this morning, i decided that i will never again set foot inside the IHOP on Old Fort Pkwy. today after i got my braces off we went there. so this really tall, muscular, and quite intimidating dude seats us. and he starts talking, asks us what cameron's name is, asks if he is in kindergarten, and if he likes his P.E. teacher, since this dude was apparently a P.E. teacher before. (wonder why he got fired?) in other words, being totally intrusive when we're just trying to have breakfast. so then, when mom tells this dude that cam is homeschooled, he's all,  "Well, why? He needs to interact with other children." and starts acting insulted about it. then he tells cameron to look at him or he is going to take his crayons away, and then says something about positive reinforcement. all i could think is how badly i wanted to grab this guy by the huevos and spout a few racist remarks. i don't know if he had some sort of weird cultural upbringing thing going on, or if he was just nuts. but i really wanted to throw my coffee in his face. what the heck? he was being so freakin weird the whole rest of the time. whatev. so. in conclusion, don't go to the IHOP on Old Fort Pkwy. much love---Cari 


November 09 2006
Eww... I don't like creepy people.


November 09 2006
aw i'm so happy for you! i'm sure your look awesome!


November 09 2006
i meant your teeth* haha


November 09 2006
yay for cari not having braces!! we need to get a ball rolling and get a club started.

Rebekah Minor

November 10 2006
yay for no braces but watch the coffee, it stains your teeth!!!!

Nathan Moore

November 11 2006
congrats on getting your braces off...