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November 04 2006

so. last night was fantastic. like, the chili cook-off was aight...i'm still gonna have to pay like, $20  because people wouldn't buy tickets from me. sad. but then, i got to go out to dinner w/ mayah and a bunch of other people for her birthday, and it was mucho divertido. but to my great surprise, guess who was bellied-up to the bar, tippin' back a cold one? freakin' Mr.'s so weird to see teachers outside of school...especially when they are slightly tipsy....ahahahahahahahahahhahaa...j/k.

so after that, i was happy, but also kinda upset that i hadn't gotten to see a certain friend all week. but sinced he called during dinner, i called him back, only to discover that we were on the same side of, the same street, so we met at Hastings' and it was mucho fun also. i just love talking/listening to certain people. so yeah. that was such a God thing. very encouraging! well anyways. yeah. life's good. once again...i just can't make this thing go away. i wish i could read people's minds. i just hate not knowing how someone really feels about me. but i guess i'll live. maybe one day they'll finally tell me once and for all. maybe i'll tell them. who knows? question: is it better to tell someone how you feel, and risk hurting the relationship, or should one just hope and pray that they feeling is mutual and go on silently? c'mon now, i want answers from ya'll. much love---Cari 


November 04 2006
ahahhaaaaa. mr huffman.....


November 04 2006
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA no freakin way! i CANNOT believe you saw mr huffman drinking! thats HILARIOUS... maybe he'll be nicer monday since he "loosened up" this weekend..... probably not. hahah


November 05 2006
tricky question. i've had the whole feelings thing go both ways...strengthen and weaken. it really depends on the situation and the person

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
I would have bought tickets from you...