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oh praise the One who paid my debt....

October 27 2006


so. it's been a while, hasn't it?

life's going pretty good. wednesday night was pretty awesome. i hadn't realized how much i had missed Chris's preaching. it had been a long time because for the past couple of months i had only heard Clint or Justin, or someone else. but yeah, that was cool.

it's been really neat lately to see how God can change your heart towards people, and just how He, and only He, can even change characteristics of our hearts. i had really been struggling as of late with being soooooooo judgemental and just kinda sitting in my own self-righteous little bubble, especially at school. But as God has begun to break me of my sin and really show me who i truly am, i have realized my deep, deep need for a Savior. many times, a lot of us get to feeling that we're pretty good. like, since some of us, including myself, don't do all the other "bad things" that other people do, somehow we are better than them. but God has really driven home to me that that is just not true. If anything, those of us who are in Christ are the worse sinners, because we know better, and yet still do those things anyway. it's amazing how much easier it is to love people once you realize your own position in the grand scheme, and once you see them through Christ's eyes. i just feel so blessed for Him to even reveal such things to me. i don't know where i'd be without Him.


i'm so excited. i get to be Mrs. Paroo, who is the lead girl, Marian's, mother in The Music Man. i'm super duper excited!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sure that it's gonna be great.

well, i gotta go, but i guess i post at a later date. much love to you all! ---Cari 

Rachael Moore

October 27 2006
congrats on the part! when will this musical be? you will have to let me know the details so i can come see you! i miss you and i love you lots and lots!


October 29 2006
Congrats on getting the role you wanted! I saw The Music Man at MTSU when I first moved here and I thought it was awesome!

the brian king kenobi

October 30 2006
when are you coming? i hope it's a monday, wednesday, or friday, because tuesday-thursday classes are bad. anyway, keep me posted and we can hang out.