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was it out of the blue? cause i swear i never knew it...

October 15 2006


i am very much an overly critical person.

it's so much easier to harp on what's wrong with everyone else than it is to confront my own shortcomings. why do i do that? why do humans as a whole usually do that?

you know, i was thinking today about how accustomed we are, here in the Bible Belt, to church and the Christian-ish lifestyle. like, not a for real, hardcore, sold out Christian lifestyle, but the pop-culture Jesus.

i was watching primetime tonight, and a guy named like, David Kuo or something like that was saying that we've taken Jesus and made him into a precinct captain or a ploy to get votes. here in America, we've made Him, the almighty God, the Infinite One, into some fish outline on the back of our car, or some sort of spiritual vending machine. and that is truly a tragedy. and i am as guilty of this as anyone. it's just sad to me, and i don't know whether it angers or saddens God. i think that people have put Him in this box because when faced with the all-Powerful, perfect, and holy God, they are scared. we find a seemingly weak and pacifistic "religious figure" to be a lot more appealing and a lot less threatening. today i went to a different church with some of my sorority sisters, and i thought to myself, 'wow...everyone here seems really happy-go-lucky and fun'...and then i realized, that it's quite easy to be upbeat and fun whenever you never get convicted about anything or realize the depth of your own sin. that is something that God has really been hammering into my heart lately. the more i get to know Him, the less and less i think of myself, just like how the more i learn about the Bible, the more i realize that i don't know about God. anyways. yeah, kind of a downer. but we need to quit with the euphemisms and just flat-out lies. much love to you all! g'nite---Cari

bryan Rodriguez

October 15 2006
im on the same page right now. looking forward to thursday


October 16 2006
You know, those are some very good points. I knew I felt slightly uncomfortable with some of the pop Jesus culture stuff but I never sat down and thought about why. Good thoughts - thanks for sharing!