July 07 2006
I have learned a lot about myself these past few months... I have learned that I don't need to worry about every little detail... I have learned that i worry about others more than myself.. That I like to make people happy, even if that means its more work for me to do in the end. Throughout my summer time at home I have been working, and living. Thats about it. My summer at home is coming to an end. I will be going on summer staff at sharp top cove in a week. I am scard to death... I don't knwo why I am going... I just know this is something that I feel I need to do. I just got to figure out why....

It's just like woo!

April 26 2006

Sometimes it seems as if lie cannot get any deeper. Then the next thing you know you are sitting on a swing with you bestfriend talking about life and death. The deep conversations will never get old. I think that this is one of the best gifts of friendship... sharing your life and your past without any worries of what they are thinking. These are the moments that will be teasured forever.

Enough said..

April 25 2006
"I once listened to an Indian on television say that God was in the wind and the water, and i wondered at how beautiful that was because it meant you could swim in Him or have Him brush your face in a breeze."---Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

This is the most beautiful picture of Christ I have heard. It's so clear, so real, and so understandable at one time. If you havn't read Blue Like Jazz I would say DO IT!!! It's worth the time and energy!


April 10 2006
"our love was comfortable and so broken in"...i hear this line written by john mayor and it reminds me that God's love is always so comfortable and so broken in . He is alwyas so open and willing to love you right in the exact way that you need it. It's amazing how he has molded my heart into someone who i never thought i could be. He has the control in my life right now and he is making me a stronger, wiser, more loving open person. I have been learning so much and i pray it keeps coming.


March 15 2006
Life has been full of changes the past few weeks. I am now a leader at Riverdale High School and feel so blessed. At the same time i feel scard to death. I know that i have been called to this minestry for a reason, I just need to have a little faith. I guess it all boils down to not being in charge. I am not in charge of my life and the only one that is is God. It's just hard to realize...but im coming around.

Power of Prayer...

February 06 2006
How strong is the power of prayer? One could say that it is the most powerful way to clam yourself and to find answers to thing laying heavy on the heart. Over the past months i have found that the power of prayer has become bery important to my everyday life. i just thought that i would share this with everyone.. If you don't know wha tthe power of prayer has in your life just think about it. It really does effect the way that your mind, heart, and soul works!


February 04 2006

So i am so greatful for my friends. I think ill just put that out there. My friends are nothign les then amazing.This semester at school has been different from what i am used to. I was used to knowing everyone and everyone knwoing me. So comging to MTSU was a different world!I was blessed with the gift of being lonley. Most would ask why do you say that is a gift? I know it was a gift only have gone though it. I can say that i know myself and my relationship with God has only grown with this experence. Yet, now in my second semester have been blessed with many friends.  I could not have asked for anything more. I love you all dearly!!!


February 02 2006
well the past couple of weeks have just been well .. different. I cant say that it has been normal, but what is normal? i have been thinking about faith? what is faith? how do i think faith runs in my life. i have come to many comclusions on what i would say faith would be. i have not only learned about myself through my faith but others. i know that i wasnt just put on earth to live a life of just normalty, but i was sent to live a life through him, jesus. it's amazing what a little faith will do to you...