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September 18 2005
today i went to was ok..and then i went to eat at panera bread but they dont have the sandwhich i usually get..but i got another one that is really good so its all good..then i came home and went to the mall cuz i reaaallllllly needed a new phone cover..its really messed up! so i got one..and its like pink/red with glitter all over..and it is realllllllly ugly..but it was like the only 1 they had i was mad that i had to get it..but o well..i am gettin a new phone for it will have to do for now..cuz i was like missin some of my ok well leave remarks plz

Anthony Myers

September 18 2005
Be greatful to have a phone at all!


September 19 2005
i loooooooooooove you too! lol


September 19 2005
daang.. missing buttons? you must really abuse your phone!


September 19 2005
ahh..thanks..:).. ugh???..i hate somethings ya know? whatever..Alex is my homeboy!..ahh..he's looked cute at church..niiiice.. lovelovelove i know i was just being kinna in a blah mood ya know...