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February 04 2006 i know it has been forever since i have updated..part of the reason why is because I have just been too lazy..but also my computer wasn't letting me sign in to phusebox or myspace or i thought i would update..well last night was amazing.! i mean like so much was more fun than fun. I went to Myriahs house to curl her hair for the dance..and then i went to brookes house and she curled my hair and then we ate and then did our make up and put on our clothes and stuff. We didnt wanna go to the game so we jus went to the dance/afterparty thing. I thought it would be fun..but not as fun as it was..i mean at first i was like o this is gay because like nobody was there..but after a lil whilte more ppl showed up and i dunno i danced the whole time pretty much and i just had a lot of fun..ok well im gonna go..


Bekah Thoe

February 09 2006
hey hey just thought that i would leave you something! ttyl! B.


February 14 2006
happy valentine's day!


March 14 2006
hey whats up well pretty sure u went at skool today im still at skol i have privet lessons so ya and this puter is gay it wont let me on aim lol gosh dern it o well ill ttyl peace JR!!


April 09 2006
Thanks lindsay...thanks.

TrEe HuGgEr

April 13 2006
hey linds... its me krista... you know from 3rd period gym class. just stopped by to say hey... i didnt know ou had a phuse.

courtney little

May 30 2006
hey girlie....everyone from grace is so pretty still that weird little emo kid! u got myspace...this phuse box thing!