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November 22 2005 yeah i havent updated in forever!..but like always..nothing has been going on..this past weekend i went to a Bar Mitzvah...i'm not Jewish but my dad's cousin is and she has a 13 year old son so we was an interesting thing to experience..its always cool to see what other cultures and religions are like..of course it seemed weird but thats jus cuz i am not used to it..but they had really good food..and the after party thing was pretty fun..although i knew like NO ppl there..but i met some pretty swell humans..hmm monday and tuseday have been like really fun too..i dont know y..mainly all i have been doing is school..but it has been fun we watched finding nemo..and riding in cars with boys..dandy movies..and yeah in the past few weeks i have been so busy with work..and projects and thats y i havent been on lately..just in case u were wondering..which u prolly werent..hah o hmm i dont really know what else to say so i guess im out


jeremy moore

November 24 2005
hey grl just dropin by wishin u a fabulous thanksgiving ttyl