June 24 2007

HEY everyone....


i haven't been on here in like a year.....ok welli went to a christian camp called m-fuge and it changed my life and the way i live it.....i used to put other things before christ and beleive me it's easy to do that and it's still a struggle of mine but it's getting better....alot of stuff went on and i just love it....it was the best time of my life!!!....if ya wanna here more about it massage me!!!

love you guys




December 26 2006


My Christmas was awesome...i hope yall's was awesome too! I got aome clothes from American Eagle, an Addidas outfit,(pants,jacket) i also got an ipod, ihome, isnuggle(a pillow with speaker you can plug it to your ipod and listem to music through the pillow) i also got accesories to it and i got money!! $25 gift card for itunes and $10 for walmart itunes! plus $35 from other relatives.....i got other stuff but that was like the most exspensive!! lol  BUT THE VERY BEST GIFT IS JESUS CHRIST every year,day, second, and minute of my life until i die, ans when i'm dead JESUS CHRIST WILL BE MY BEST AND FAVORITE GIFT

thats all i gotta say so leave messages and remarks


Laura Elizabeth Harbin

yes....LB is back

December 19 2006

hey i'm back....

sorry i haven't been on in FOREVER! Yeah well my computer has been screwed plus i was grounded for awhile...lol so leave me messages please because you LOVE ME!!! my life has been great so far...how bout yall's? well imma go now



Great day great life....so thankful

October 30 2006
hey...life is going great so far.....today was a great day i was happy all day...(and today is monday!! lol) i just want to take a moment and thank GOD for everything he has done for me and provided me....it is unbelievable and amazing!! i am so happy to be alive and to praise christ...because in some countries...alot people can't even say Jesus, God ,Christ or the other great names he has...i am so thankful...


October 20 2006

Last night was the homecoming dance.....it was the best dance ever....they played alot of great songs and some that weren't so great...but who cares i had a fantasticc time....when i was leaving it was freezing cold and lightly raining....the traffic was terrible...terrible getting in and out...lol..........aftyer i was hanging out with 2 of my guy friends i went to hang out with a few girls from the socccer team we were acting really stupid....who cares though cause we were having fun!! lol......i gues that's all...leave messages and remarks




October 15 2006

ok....last week i was a lil sick and i got my friend sick....last night was the cornmaze with my church it was awesome...the guy i got sick got me sick again right when i was getting better....now i don't feel good and i have basketball tryouts and open gym monday and tuesday...this sucks.....the cornmaze was still awesome....i had a blast...but it was freezing cold....

o yeah and i can't wait till homecoming.....it's gonna be fantabulous....lol




October 11 2006

hey i think i'm getting the hang of this....my good guy friend was gonna move in November but they decided to move next year i'm still sad he's moving but happy he's not moving this year....HOMECOMING is next week.....the football game is next Tuesday vs. Rocksprings.....the dance is next Thursday...I can't wait...

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huh huh yeah....not much to say..lol

mmm me and david

HA HA  me and taylot t. before going on the challenge course....

Leave lot's of messages and reamrks




October 08 2006

hey it's laura beth i'm kinda new at this so please help me.....