December 26 2006


My Christmas was awesome...i hope yall's was awesome too! I got aome clothes from American Eagle, an Addidas outfit,(pants,jacket) i also got an ipod, ihome, isnuggle(a pillow with speaker you can plug it to your ipod and listem to music through the pillow) i also got accesories to it and i got money!! $25 gift card for itunes and $10 for walmart itunes! plus $35 from other relatives.....i got other stuff but that was like the most exspensive!! lol  BUT THE VERY BEST GIFT IS JESUS CHRIST every year,day, second, and minute of my life until i die, ans when i'm dead JESUS CHRIST WILL BE MY BEST AND FAVORITE GIFT

thats all i gotta say so leave messages and remarks


Laura Elizabeth Harbin

Brandon Ray

December 26 2006
AMEN...he's mine too

Jimmy Dillon

December 26 2006
And mine!! Glad you had a great Christmas!