well...i just dont know what to say..

December 01 2005

well...i guess you could says things are good. i really dont know. my main problem is obvisously a boy.  why do i waste my time?? for now, im done with boys. im gonna stop wasting my time on them and focus more on dance.  I know, i know that that sounds lame, but what can i say??

Dance to me is more important that a boy...and i dont know if that is a good thing or not?? Do i spend too much time there? Do people really hate me because i dance too much? (and as lame as that sounds, people have said that to me before.) I just dont know.

School is amazing. I got a superb progress report. and im very happy with that. My teachers seem to like me more....weird huh? well i guess thats all for now...its time for lunch...

i love you.



November 04 2005

^^i love all of those girls soooo much...im gonna miss them next year.

Can life get much better??

November 04 2005

things right now are amazing....

my bonfire is tonight!!!! yess...im soooo excitited....i think a lot of people are gonna be there...even some of my teachers know about this...sooo it should be quite fun. *cross your fingers*

so dance is amazing...at school and at FACES. my friends are great...and i'm gettin along with my parents....so....me and alex are over..but i really dont care. its more fun being single....mhm.soo more about the bonfire.... ashley, kelley and amy are coming home with me today after school to get ready for this....its gonna be fun...so what more could you want???

i hope you have a wonderful day...

With all my love....-kelsey


September 26 2005
so tonight was really awesome.

alex asked me out...

yay. im so excitited..


I tried...

September 17 2005
i tried to tell him that i was done...but its soo hard. so we just left it at i dont know. so yeah. so basically....i have no idea.

last night after the game i went out to eat w/ some kids from the dance team...it was fun. me and amy had some great times right there...and there were some times where i was like wtf?? but whatev.

today was grand hah...old timers day..going up and down the lil bouncy slide things are tiring after like 15th time up there!...gahlee...i think that kid thought we were like retarded. oh who cares???....psht. i rolled into gravel. and it hurt really bad. hah...but it was fun...some gay skater kids were starin at me..i was like what the heck...quit..after- went shopping and got some coffee...and it was freakin awesome.

i love you

i dont kow

September 15 2005
so like im done with it. its too confusing..and so yeah. i dont how im gonna do it..but i guess i am.

school is amazing...i absolutely love leslie, kle, and amy. they freakin rock my world.
Ive been seeing James a lot lately...i really miss talking to him...i shall call him tonight...hmmm..maybe

I think me and Jimmy are gonna hang out this weekend! yay..ahh finally..i havent hung out with him in sooo loong....its gonna be awesome...cuz..we are awesome together. hah.

mhm...yeah so my life is awesome. This Saturday...we are dancing at the Old Timers Day Parade...((phst. lameo)) but it might be fun...so yall need to come. end of story. 11:15 bet there....im done...i love you.


And she will be loved....

September 11 2005
so today...was...boring.

i havent been feeling too well for a few days and today i really wasnt feeling good. ohh well..

hmm pretty sure he confuses the heck outta me. one day..he's super amazing..and saying the sweetest things..but then the next day..its just like.."oh hey..its you.." idk whats going on..but i wish i knew...

Sometimes it feels like he doesnt care at all...like im just there..then other times..its as if..im the only thing that is in his life..i dont understand whats going on..and i dont think he knows either. but if he doesnt figure out what he is gonna do soon...idk what im gonna do... :(

maybe i should just give up and go on..itsnotlikeanythingisgonnahappen. it hasnt so why keep putting myself through all this confusion...maybe its just me...maybe im too impatient...but maybe if i move on w/ things he might finally realize that he should have been paying attention...maybe what jimmy said was right... im too high
maintenance...maybe thats whats holding him back...idk..but i really wana know whats going on.

there are so many maybe's and what-ifs going through my head right now. I have no idea what is the best thing to do. I could talk to him, but then he might get mad. idk. im lost..

have you ever just gone outside and layed on the ground and looked up at the stars??..its so amazing and sometimes i just wish that everything was that peaceful instead of all the drama of "boyfriend stealers" and "back-stabbing friends"..stars are my love

so today was DBS...it was like forever long...ive got so much stuff to do...Genna's box, chris' poster and kelly's poster...charity..mtsu games...so yeah..there's my life...DBS, school, dance, dance team,

so i guess im done..i love you..


random crap

September 09 2005
got a new one of these things..didnt like the name on my other one...go figure...

-im tired of working so hard.

-im tired of people talking about my friends.

-i wish people coul understand why i work so hard at dance.

-i wish more people could come watch me dance.

-people confuse me...

-school is amazing..i love my friends...

-i love shopping. duhh

-music makes me feel better.

- chris slate makes me happy..and he makes me laugh...i want to hang out w/ him.

-he is now again..one of my favorite friends

-i cant wait til i get a new phone...*october*

-english sucks..french is better..and easier...

-biology= amazing...thnx to brad.

-breaking benjamin=love..

mk im done for now..ilu