February 06 2007
turns out
I was right all along
No guy means it when he says it to me
Lord, does love exist?
or is it just me?


December 12 2006

"and we couldn't bare to believe they could make it
we had to close our eyes."--never die young (james taylor)

listen to it, it's an amazing song!!!

talk about love..mhm


December 01 2006


1. why would you call your girlfriend and then not talk to her?
2. why would you not call your girlfriend to tell her you are/aren't going to see her today? instead you just leave her to wonder and hope that you're coming over.

GAH DAMNIT. I get pissed at him too easily.


November 29 2006

it's getting



November 28 2006

"and all you have to do is cry"
and that's all I want to do....
But I don't think I have any tears left in my eyes
after last night...
it's not fair
a girl should be able to cry if she wants to

things to cry about::
Baby #2
Not skinny enough
Not pretty enough
Not smart enough
Stepping over boundaries
Not knowing what to say
Not knowing how to fix what I ruined
Missing someone
Wishing it wasn't four.frikkin.days
Wondering about life/the future
Wondering if he loves me
and on the list could go...*sigh*

maybe they're right?
we'll find out.


November 25 2006
"so we're alone again
I wish it were over
we seem to never end
only get closer the the point
where I can take no more"--joshua radin


November 15 2006

They love to tell you stay inside the lines


October 29 2006
all the golden tint of our predictions may be exactly what both of us see
but today is a long way from then
and who can tell how we'll feel
I'm just holding on to you
holding on for some decision to end this impatience
I won't let go


October 16 2006
hey there
thought you should know

he says he wants to marry me in three years
but he'll wait
I say he's sweet
and I am most definately beyond in love


October 02 2006

I'm gonna take it upon myself
To be with you and love no one else
Cause your my girl and I'm your man
So come on over life just began
But then comes...
Dooby dooby dadada do you love her?
Dooby dooby dadada do you love her?
Dooby dooby dadada do you love her?
Do do dad I don't know if I love her

sometimes I think my boyfriend feels like that
hm...I think I'm just paranoid.


September 25 2006

"I thought you'd leave alone
cos after all it wasn't that far to go"

I thought I would leave alone
after all it wasn't that far to go
boy, was I wrong


September 13 2006

everybody here is outta sight
they don't bark they don't bite
they keep things loose


September 07 2006

"people speak of love,
don't know what they're thinking of
wait around for the one who fits just like a glove"


August 20 2006

'this just might hurt a little
love hurts sometime when you do it right
don't be afraid of a little bit of pain
pleasure is on the other side
let your guard down just a little
I'll keep you safe in these arms tonight
hold onto me pretty baby
and you will see i can be all you need
won't you stay, stay'--john legend


August 13 2006

boy suck

and I'm really.really. mad at [the.boyfriend]


August 10 2006

He wants to give me the world
and I'll follow him anywhere
we ruined each other's plans
but at this point neither of us care
but we've agreed...
we're both too young for this
hah. nothing to do about it now..
and I really like it.
really.really like it.
I could get used to this .love. thing

She's in love with the boy


August 02 2006

"sunshine go away today
I don't feel much like dancing."--johnathon edwards it's a good song

mm today...I'm going to a cookout..
I sense problems.and.drama
but I'll do my best to ignore it
and deal with it later..or not at all
I'm not letting anyone..or anything..bring me down today
I'll try and you better try too, baby.


July 31 2006

I got bored....

this time last year:



July 24 2006

I want to be this girl
one I knew back in middle school
I wanna look like her
Dress like her
have her outward attitude
have her friends
have her security
and strong belief in something good


July 04 2006

It sure felt good today
Standing on the frontline
The earth, the sun, me and you
Your beauty in my eyes
The reason for my smile
Take this picture and give it over to you
She walked in and made me smile
Talked a bit then stayed for a while
Beautiful vessel, who is full in you?
Come fill me
I stand and watch as the earth disappears
As the sky and water become one
And every time i think of love i think of you
And how you move me
You move me
And here i am waiting
I'm waiting for you
With arms outstretched
And here i am longing
I'm longing for you
For you

this special [boy] sent me those lyrics

Hawaii on friday...