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not a big reader


June 23 2006
so I guess i decided to use this again i donno

Bus got pulled over by the cops!

March 31 2006
so today we are on the bus on the way home from school and we see flashing lights behind the bus soo we pulled over.  I had no idea what was going on because I was listening to my Ipod and didn't even really think about it.  I just thought someone was acting up so thats why we pulled over.  But then everyone is like omg omg... so I turn around and am freaking out.  What turned out to happen was that someone threw something out the window and it hit the car behind us.  No one went to jail and we donno who did it because the car didn't get hit but it was scary. lol 


December 17 2005
i really like phusebox better than myspace (except you can't change your background to whatever you want on this ) but all my friends use myspace and their friends do too so they don't want to change!  But i am going to try and change this!


November 21 2005
Happy B-day to me!! 14 years old today!


November 16 2005
MY b-day is in 5 days NOV.21st MONDAY


November 07 2005
hey well this weekend was fun but i got no sleep at all!! See Thursday I was babysittin untill 12 so I only got like 6 hours of sleep.  Then this weekend was DNow and I didn't get any sleep cause we stayed up and hung out.  But it was fun and since I am off school tomorrow I get to sleep in.  Oh did I say that I got to meet Nathen Moore this weekend?  Yea he is staying at my house tonight!


October 30 2005

I made cookies!

October 23 2005

I love my cat!!!

October 18 2005

photo from natalie

This made me cry!

October 17 2005

Its so sad you need to watch it!  Let me know if it made you cry!


October 16 2005

greenbox is really cool but i have been useing it for like a month now sooo...

Field Hockey

October 11 2005
Last night we played our 2nd tournament game against Our Lady of Lords.  Durning the game they came in and scored one goal fast so we were down by one.  Then we came in and scored one goal.  After that they scored again in the last period with 7 minutes to go we had to score again or we knew we would lose the game.  So with two minutes left we finally scored!  Tieing the game and causeing us to go into over time.  We played 7 on 7 and no one scored so we had a flick off.  4 players had gone from each team and no one had scored.  So our 5 and last player went up and didn't score.  We watched  as there 5 player came up to flick and she scored.  We were heart broken but we played our best and we had a great season!  

Field Hockey

October 09 2005
We played a great season:
Now we are in tournament and we have won our:
1st game: highland(5-1)

xoxo nat


September 29 2005
hey i am at school this is so cool the school hasn't blocked this site! We are going on a field trip today!


wish list!

September 17 2005

I just found out that you can make a wish list of all the thing you want from american eagle. So that if its your birthday and you aunt who lives 9 hours away wantes to know what you want and what size you are they can look you up on Then they just click on wish list. I made one if you want to check it out.

this is me updating my site!

September 14 2005
well i just needed to update so...


August 28 2005
This weekend was great. We won our game on Friday and I had fun on the leadership retreat. Today is Sarah Shorts birthday and I just wanted to say HAPPY B-day girl your the best. Oh and i am going to the KENNY CHESNEY concert! I can't wait!


nat Kenny Chesney site

Its friday that means 2 days off SCHOOL! yea

August 19 2005
I had a game today because we won our game last night 5 to 1!!! But we lost today 2 to 0 but we lost fighting and that is alll that matters! GO BARRET 8Th grade field hockey team!