November 27 2005
well hello my gangsta friends. i hope you had a fantablous thanksgiving. i know mine was pretty boring....but o well. and now tomorrow we go back to school. BOO!! well im out!peace and love. oh and by the way i put some wayy cool color in my hair. i put red streaks in it. ill try and put a new pic up so you can see it. ok well bye.

guess what?

November 21 2005

guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess guess......... well keep guessing......ha im just kidding. theres nothing to guess. i have nothing fun for you to guess.ok byeeeeeeeee.


ba baa ba baa this is the sound of settling. ba baa ba baa!

November 11 2005

well not much is up. i just thought i would update. im really excited! me and my mom are going thrift shopping today and i cant wait. i hope i find some good finds. well i hope all of you have had a good week. heres a verse i thought i would leave you with.

   "Be joyful in the Lord, and he will give you what you want."

do i get love...heck no tech no.

November 03 2005

does anyone read my thinkin thats a no. well if you do i dont get no love. where is the love? well for real hows your life. well it would be cool if you would let me know..thats all. peace out cub scout.



October 28 2005

hmmm. life is good. hows yours? i hope its just as good as mine. haha just playin. well i gosta go. peace out cub scout!



October 20 2005

its my birthday on tommorow!hahahahaha!


man oh man.

October 15 2005

dang this new phusebox is suh-weet. i love it.


bored again.

September 29 2005
well here i keyboarding.bored as usual. i havent really been up to much lately. and i havent done really anything thats importmant. well i just thought i would up have you been? i would like to know!


hello loves

September 14 2005
well hello my dear friends...let me tell you a funny supposed to be doing my keyboarding lesson...but instead im updating..haha.ive never been able to get onto a website like this at school and now i can!only with phusebox nothing else works.but i neede to update any way.well peace out cub scout.


oh rainy day

August 30 2005
well im home alone on this rainy day.hmm what to just glade we got out of gonna go watch a sad little love movie.thats always fun to do on rainy days.

lockers are CrAzY!

August 23 2005
dude lockers are crazy...they dont like me....they want to eat me and through spiders at me...sorry i got attacked by a spider that was crawling around in my locker today...and it freaked me out!!!well yeah and then i bought a new one..hahaha!i beat the locker!!!bye bye

im BACK!

August 14 2005
haha im back.well i was gonna quite but what the hay ill keep i have some kewl new pictures so check em out!


i quite

August 12 2005
well im not gonna do this any more.this is the last bye bye.unless you want me to stay.


la la la

August 04 2005
well hello friends.sorry that i havent updated in a while but theres really not much to say.i hope you all are haven a great end of gonna go find something to do.haha!bye guys!


July 28 2005
welp not much has been going on.i went shopin the other day and got some jeans and some shoes.i had dance yesterday.but today all i did was read.and i think i am like the one person in the world who actually kinda sorta likes the book far its not that bad...well im just weird like that.well good luck with your summer reading...or maybe your just too smart and have already finished.haha unlike me!


July 19 2005
well i decide i should up date..i got back from camp on friday...which was amazing..God is like the kewlest..he has shown me so much.but on another note.i had dance team yesterday and that was fun...we just worked on choeraghphy.and ive been workin on painting my room which will be brown and roybin egg blue...only like my 2 favorite colors ever!!well im gonna go!bye lovers


July 03 2005
well what to say...but i hope all of you have an awesome 4th of july...tell me what you going to my friend sara`s grandparents to swim, ride 4 wheelers, and watch fire really excited.well let me know what you did.bye lovers.

ridding down the road with the windows down

June 28 2005
well today was normal...i stayed at home and cleaned house....then my mom came home and we went to the mall and we just kinda drove was really fun,it was just kinda of relaxing to do that just live a little and waste some gas driving around with the windows down...i love doing that..when i can drive that is prolly all i will do...well then we went to the mall and i got some new vans...the checker-board ones...i already had them but they had a whole in the toe and i would wear them to church and my mom was like why dont i just bye you a new she did...and then i drove home which was fun....since i dont have my perminte...haha!well thats all for now...bye loves.

the best weekend EVER!

June 19 2005
wow the funiest times at emily`s house!we had a dance cool is that?!!??!?!well ya i think it was the most fun EVER!!me and amy and emily have all seen the real sides off each other as of this weekend...we are like the kewlest people i know!!well we all decide that our pimp corey is gonna drive us everywhere casue he said he would and we all cant wait!!well i love you guys.....

Good Times

June 11 2005
well me and holly went to the movies last nigh and it was extra fun.....we saw Lords of was great! there were like these weirdo guys who kept standin up while they were playin the nationial anthem during the was funny! soo i took some pics befor i went soo im gonna post them tell me what you think about them.....much love!!