July 07 2006

new yoek here i come!
i cant wait.
i know God is gonna do some awesome things!
i just know it.
i am preparing myself.


July 20 2006
how was new york??


July 21 2006
i absolutely love that picture of u and reggie. New York was one of the most awesome trips ive ever taken. it was real cool getting to know u. im glad we were in the same group with chris, and got TRIED about 900 times. it was a great trip. ttyl


July 23 2006
yeah.ok.ok.yeah yeah yeah. ok. just tell me when and where.

kaitlin gay

July 27 2006
yayyy for new york =)


August 03 2006
u got it right, that is why i am BENDEGESTION, no questions about it, none asked, if they ask, then slap em up side day head, den laugh hawd. cya playa, stacizzle


August 09 2006
hey stacey!!! Well liz and I are back and we never got to see u man =(. Well we will be up there before u know it and we will all hangout like old times at mfuge haha. well anyway just saying hey =) . in him sarah


August 10 2006
stacy! you <b>totally rock!</b> i really enjoyed rooming w/ you && <u>conrad!</u> that was such a blast! && i really enjoyed gettin to know you so much more! you're really a <i>treasure</i> to be around! keep your light for God shining, sweetheart! <b>i love you</b>

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
so how was it? new york, that is?