exams= LAME!

December 16 2005

well yeah exams...no fun....but i must admit they are good for letting us get out at 12. so yeah for that. i dont like bananas. just thought you might want to know that. ok.



December 16 2005
exams are no fun for you. because stacy, your dumb, as a banana =] i don't like strawberries


December 16 2005
how can u not like strawberries ( weird) haha jk, hey but yeh they do have an Xfuge in Canada but were going to the one in North Carolina I think , they have it in the US too, and Student Life is I think this year at a beach in Florida , I could have those swapt around , haha , Ill find out and tell ya later, but yeh Im reallllllllly going to miss MFuge, bc thats what Liz and I look forward to every year haha, its amazing, I admit this past one wasnt as awesome as some fo the ones I have been to in the past ( like South Carolina) , but Missouri was pretty cool, the music was awesome, I <3 <3 ,3 the cd they were selling with that My Savior Lives song on it .... awesome song , but yeh have an awesome day and ill ttyl -sarah-


December 17 2005
YEH ... sarah has them messed up - its xfuge= flordia ... and student life= north carolina... :) <333 - liz


January 03 2006
uh bananas are amazing you weirdo