can you say party hardy?

December 12 2005
wow this weekend was the stuff. i dont think ive ever had that much fun in one weekend.i was doing some hardcore but seriously.hey have you seen the stupids? cause that is a really funny movie!ok im out. peace.

Abby Dee

December 13 2005
thank the loyd. i love you. i'm so glad we finally got to actually hang out for once. you are an awesom kid <33


December 15 2005
haha yeh , its hilarious :), but yeh I didnt know u went to Mission Fuge, my best friend is elizabeth ( lizbit) , and she was like yeh Stacy was in my group, i was like sveet, yeh I was in Creative ( IrishCream.... representin) haha , yeh but this coming up summer our youth group is going to a thing called Xfuge and Student Life( im reallly excited ) , but I will miss mfuge bc it would be my fourth year if we went this coming up summer:( .... ttyl <3-sarah-