AHHH!!! I haven't updated in 5 months and 5 day.!!!!

December 18 2006


Well lets just say that life has been super busy for me.  I have one more set of exams and Christmas break is FINALLY here.....AHHHH!!!!  I am so excited.....i have really gotten tired of school already.  I really should be studying but i don't feel like it because i am LAZY!!!  Anyways God has really been working in my life and it has been amazing.  Lots of hard times but all I know is that God allows it for a good purpose.  Well I better go and I have to change that picture of me and Keaton because it is really getting old....See Ya.



May 13 2006

                    Well i had a very interesting weekend.  Too much to talk about so i don't feel like typing it.  Anyways our yard sale was a great success.  I got my nails done professionally for the first time in my life with mccall.  Anyways only one more full week of school.   Oh yeah............so excited.  Anyways got to go love yall.


I'm BACK!!!!!!!

April 25 2006

I haven't updated in like forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well things have been crazy and only 21 more days of school left.....woo hoo.  Well seriously I have nothing much to say.  See ya.



September 28 2005
I really need to start to update on this thingy more often. School has been good and I am enjoying that. Today we had this health lady come to our school and she talked to us about.....................well I better not say but you will probably figure it out but it won't be the whole story. Well nothing much has happened. Well better go now. Love yall.


August 15 2005
Well the first day of school was awesome but it felt like any normal day to me because I pretty much know most of the people there. So right now I am soooo exhausted that I have never been before coming home from school. So I am going to go to bed early tonight. Well got to go now. Love yall


August 10 2005
Well I went and got my permit and I passed!!! I missed two. When I missed the second question I started to freak out and thought that I was going to fail the whole test. I was so nervous I was shaking and praying that I would pass and I did it. Just to tell yall that that was the easiest test that I ever took. The first question was rediculous. It said ....What is the car in the picture called.....a.trailor b.automobile c.motorcycle...........duh b. The whole thing was easy.

After that me and mom went to cracker barrel and bought a milk shake. Then we went home and I got my first driving lessons....not really.... more like my tenth....sshhh!!! Well I have driven down the drive way and out on our farm. We drove around the Blackman area.

I was practicing parking in the Blackman High parking lot( I need help on parking) when I got ready to turn onto the road leaving the parking lot these two high school guys were riding their bikes and heading my way and my mom said "act cool katie" well I forgot to turn my signal on I acentdential(sp) turned on the windshill wipers on. The two guys looked at me and I just laughed and laughed so hard.

Well this is the longest entry I have ever done. Oh also me and Keaton have a lot of classes together in high school and I am really excited about that. Well got to go now. Love yall.

Freshman Orientation is Today.... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

August 09 2005
Well I had a great birthday. Today I might get my permit. Wish me luck. Well anyways I have freshman orientation so wish me luck on that too. Well got to go.


August 07 2005
Yeah so birthday is tomorrow and I am going to be 15!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck that I pass my permit test. Anyways I am going to have a small party tonight with a couple of friends. Just yesterday I invited JMO to come to the drive in.
Well I am at the ministry fair so I'll let yall go now. Love yall

White Water!!!

August 01 2005
Yeah so I am leaving for the white water park trip in six flags 6 in the morning and that means for me to wake up when it is still dark. I usually wake up at like 9:30 in the daytime so yeah it is really going to be weird. I know that it is going to be soooo much fun. I probably won't bring pictures bag because I don't want my camera to be stolen so use your imagination. Well got to go now. Love yall.
School is starting soon!!!

Phuse Box is better than xanga!!!

July 27 2005
^ isn't that true! Well I still might update on my xanga but not as much. This site is way better. I just need to find some more people on this site. Well got to go now. My brother made pizza. Love yall.


July 20 2005
Well this is the first time I am using this and I have no idea how to us it. Oh well I will figure it out. I am getting ready to go to church soon. That means I better go now. Love ya.