It's like playin cards with my cousins kids.....

January 12 2006

Hey playas an pimps whats goin on havent posted in a lonh while hmmm a recap uhhh not muvh has happened i got a car 94 Firebird well uhhh im doin decent i guesss i graduate in a couple a months and im goin to go be a DOCTOr well thats my cureent pla for now but hey whatever if the lord takes me on a different route so be it




November 02 2005

HEy playas what up just sittin in the computer lab with the great ALDINI were havin fun printing 5000 blank sheets of paper and mr benny pearce is getting angry he keeps going WHAT IS THIS and I GIVE UP its very funny well later players




September 28 2005
What up playas and pimps, SO this is my first blog entry thingy...yeahhh, Uhhh not much happened today. I starte dthis and such and uhhhhh yeah so cool. I gotta write a english paper, try and finish this stupid sonnet, and find a book on St, Augustine( some guy whow as a saint that i have to write a report on in Faulkners class) well the most excitingly funny thing i did today is me and josh and drew all switched round faulkners room. We turned all the desk around moved is maps and podium and overhead. It was funny..HAHAH,
Welll not mncuh else to say sooo