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April 09, 2008

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I have one final next week on which I need a 78 to get an A.  Then, assuming I don't go to grad school, it's my last final ever!  I still have a semester of student teaching, but there, I'll be giving the exams instead of taking them.  Bwahaha!

The very end of March, I started taking some of the fitness classes over at the university gym.  I don't normally like to sweat or, well, exert myself physically, but they have been a lot of fun.  Josh tells me he can see a difference, but the important part is how different I feel.  I have more energy, and it really seems to put me in a great mood.  I feel great!  I am hungry all the time though!

In reference to the parking problems at Tech, I did get a letter back from President Bell.  He said that they regret the problems and will be looking into possible solutions.  I thought, "yeah right," but I talked to the director at the CDL, and apparently the day that I got the letter, there had already been about 6 emails from President Bell and others talking about possible solutions.  I suppose we'll see if anything will happen.

Daniel is growing like a weed.  I dropped him off in the toddler room the past two mornings.  He seems to really be thriving in there.  He doesn't cry or even fuss when I drop him off, he seems to love all of the new toys, and the majority of the other children are very sweet to him.  I'm sad that my little darling is growing up so quickly!  He's not a baby anymore; he's a little boy!  *sniff*sniff*  It's just unbelievable that he's already so big and so old.  I knew it would go by quickly, but I didn't think it'd be quite so fast!  I am so proud of him though.  I think he's going to learn a lot in the toddler room, and I'm excited to see all the new things he'll be able to say and do.

April 27, 2007
Erin:: lub my flower. said

whoa! you have alot going on ....!!!!
April 27, 2007
The Capn said

HE'S A BABY!!! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! he's my baby nephew... forever! ;)
April 27, 2007

Does the "finals almost over" dance (consisting of minimal hip motion and quick spirit fingers with a turn at the end for an extra flare)
April 29, 2007
Bill Morgan said

I remember my last final (and I did go to grad school) ... it was a GLORIOUS feeling !!! As for the little weed in your house, I hope Josh doesn't mistaken him for a dandelion ....

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