sad :(

September 15 2006
no one uses poor little phusebox anymore.

happy turkey day!

November 24 2005

 DiamondsJewls78 [1:34 PM]:  my sister is in the Kitchen beggin my mom to take her to mcdonalds

& that is what's wrong with American culture. hahahhaa..


October 29 2005


September 13 2005
how do you get a bsckground on hereee? somebody tell me pleeeeease! cough*jamie*sneeze lol

paige is my friend(touches eye)

September 09 2005
riverdale won...humph grrrr they should dieeeeeeeeee a slow painful death... -large gangster walks up- "ummmm i heart riverdale...?" haha

oh yesh paige says hi haha


August 12 2005
•Wal*Mart with Suzanne•

i think grass blows in the wind because it doesn't want sweat on it's body.

the deep, deep as the deep blue sea song that Paige invented.
Witnesses: suzanne
suzanne's mom

i know, you are extremely jealous that you weren't there. aw. poor baby.

paige has a phusebox! -everyone cheers-
it's im so not ADD i have go to go make voicemails with Paige... ;]

6:30 is wayyy too early to get up.

August 11 2005
i survived the 1st day of 8th grade. it was ok i guess but i think it's going to be a long year...

shivering in my boots

August 09 2005
i think i just endured the scariest thing that has ever happened to little suzanne.
ok, here's how it went "down." haha ok i was home alone, and this guy rang the doorbell. and like any smart 13 year old girl would do, i didn't answer it. so i watched him through the blinds and he just kinda stood in front of my house. then, he went and sat in his car for like 10 mintues. i was sooooo terrified. and then FINALLY he left, and i got a hold of my mom, and he was the door measuring person. so yeah all that adventure for nada. haha ok well just thought y'all would like to know that...



August 09 2005
2 more days of freedom... :[


July 31 2005
it's my birthday! suzanne is a teenager! whoa scary.

2 days

July 29 2005
well the braves game was awesomeeeeee...haven't had that much fun in a while. me and shawn got 3 hours of sleep and were still more hyper than i better go get rested up i am tired!

thanks for ALL the remarks. ( i was being sarcastic.)

-still 12 yr old

i'm tiredddddd

July 25 2005
6 more days! got my presents yet?

aren't you happy i got a phusebox?

July 24 2005

i got a phusebox!

suzanne has started doing pilates. yes, pilates.i want to become flexable.hah.
school starts in like 2 weeks. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? i swear, they get shorter every year. i guess i am ready to go back. pshhh whatever, scratch that lol. well you know what? exactly 1 week until suzanne is 13! hallelujah! now, what are you just standing there for? go buy me a present!

-the almost birthday girl