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Drinking and Driving

March 19 2007
I guess that yesterday was a bad day for teen drivers because last night  I got pulled over for being drunk and driving but of course I wasnt. The intire time that I was pulled over Hannah B. was siting there laughing her head off. The police officer let me of with a warning


March 17 2007

Finaly bloging sorry school started and killed me and I see almost all of you every week any way


November 01 2006

Its over : (  or : )

its bitter sweet im glad it is and sad that it is because i laved hearing the testimonies of people being saved and families coming to Christ

i am happy it is over because i can sleep

by the way we meet our goal of 202 salvations with 205!!!!!!!

I hate the hospital

October 10 2006

there is no place on earth that i hate more than the hospital

well guess were i was today all day

you guessed it the hospital for a check up

i hate it so much


September 26 2006

i heard somewere that confession is good for the soul and so i am going to try it these 2 weeks at blackman were great. although i have relized that i am doing nothing to witness when there are so many opportunites and i have desided from this day on that i will spread the good news of jesus christ and what he has done for us. i need your help though for people to every time you see me ask me how the witnessings been and kick my but if i say anything but great. any takers?


September 24 2006

yes i am single agian and i love it there is no worrieing about what i say or what i do it is great

im free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


September 12 2006

I started at Blackman today it was great!!!!!!!!!!

there is only one thing that is cravy I am one of the only 10th graders in all of my classes except for 2 english and biology they are pretty cool

the best part though is that i get to have lunch with my girlfriend everyday witch is great

i a, also pumpt about the judgement this year i am praying that it is the most amazing thing that our church has ever done

new strength

August 29 2006

This is the most stressful week of my life! So far i have already had 2 tests this week and 5 quizs I am exasted.  Although there is so much going on I still am able to do things that i thought had no more energy to do.  The reason I believe I am only able to this by the strength of God when I thought that I was not able to do any more I could.  To me that is the greatest thing to think about that God cares enough even though He is the greatest thing in the world He still cares about me and helps me stay up until 2 or 3 studying and then help me have the energy for the next day.  Isn't God great!!!!!!!!!

haha i can writ a paragraph that is not 1 sentence 

finally posting

August 21 2006

i have finally got around to posting this past week was been the most hectice week i have had in a long time it got so bad that i started getting stress head aches this week i found out that school is getting alot easier yah there is a hole lot more home work and it takes forever to do it but as of know i am at the top of my class in grades for the first time in my life i am not failling any of my classes and that is amazing considering that we already had 3 tests in the first week

this is actually a answer to prayer that i would not struggle this year and so far i have not struggled one bit and it fells great not being grounded becuase you are failing becuase your best is not good enough

i will sort of confuse some people when i say that this has been the best and worst week i have ever had


August 05 2006

i am bored out of my mind i have absolutely nothing to do anyone have any ideas

please give me an idea!!!!!!! 


July 31 2006

i rod my bike 3 miles to mow someones lawn and back three miles and i am exhausted there is no way that it is worth it

longest conversation

July 28 2006

yesterday the only thing i did was talk on the phone for about 12 hours it was like the phone was glued to my ear

it was the longest conversation i have ever had in my life

it wsa fun though and i enjoyed it

nashville shores

July 21 2006

i went to nashville shores with my youth group

i had a blast until after when we went home i found 3 hudge blisters on my feet and i can hardly walk know

but other than that i had an amazing time

its almost here

July 15 2006

the summers almost up and school is coming its time to load up and prepare for school

for me its time to prepare to be the retared freak that is useless and nobody cares if you pass or fail for me it is time to try my heart out and fail no one under stands the fellings that i have towards school and the teachers that think that they are helping by telling you to stay after class and tell you again and agian the same thing that they say every freaken class hour and then when you still dont get it they call you that you are not trying to learn and that they want you to ask your parents to come met them so they can sit and talk about how bad you are doing and what they might want to do about it and it never helps.

if you do not want to read the entire post in short i hate school, school sucks, and i will be glad when it is over  

mom report

July 12 2006

my mom was in the hospital sunday -tuesday thats not the worst of it she is in new york visiting some old friends. 

now she's out and still in new york she is going to drive back this week end 

that means in stead of being home for 2 week alone it is only going to be a week and a half

graet movie

July 11 2006
i saw pirates II last night it was better than the original the only problem withit is that it is the biggest cliff hanger that i have ver seen there must be some kind of a sequel coming soon

2 WEEKS, 15$

July 06 2006

I am home alone for around 2 weeks the closest family member is 45 min. away and the closest parent is going to be about an hour away  and he does not even care were I am so I have something to do for almost an hour every day but I have nothing to do for the rest of the time anyone have anything I could do because I have 2 weeks to myself and only 15$

p.s. I am bored out of my mind


June 22 2006
i have a problem me and my girl friend want to go see a movie with some friends but my mom will not let us go with a shaperown so what should i do

I have a site...

June 19 2006
Heyy!  This is Brantley's phuse box.  I didn't even know that I had one.  So, now I'm posting better tell everyone that I have one.

Love all you guys,