July 08 2005
it's good to be home...yes sir it is...i'm talking to my baby right now at it feels so great...we've been together every day since i've been back... and we've painted my deck and's been hard work...but it's okay... for the rest of the summer it's going to be volleyball and getting our family pics in books so they don't get ruined...and we're going to put every pic on a cd so we'll have them for the rest of our lives till they need to be transfered into something for now it's goodbye...c ya

I'm Feeling GOOD

June 24 2005's almost over...YES...i'm coming home soon...but then again i don't want to leave these people...i feel like they are my original friends from Eagleville...some i really want to get away from but for about 15 of them i don't want them to go away b/c they're so much fun to be makes me want to cry...i've made good relationships with these people...these people are apart of my HOMIES now...but they live all around this i don't know what i'm going to do...well gtg and do the rest of my stuff...ttyl


June 11 2005
Today was parent's day at Gov School...and of course Mac got to come...i was soooo just made my day!!!....but other than that its going to be a long 3 weeks to go until i can get away (for good) from TTU....but other than that i'm fine...well gtg ttyl

Today is another day

June 03 2005
day is actually ok...this whole week at gov school has been the slowest week of my life...we are in my elective in i miss everyone of my family members but i still love everyone else...if any one wants to know my xanga is babycakesandteddybear... then i'm going to tell everyone on my xanga about phusebox...well gtg ttyl


June 01 2005
hey this is new to me and Ben helped me to become a member....thanks Ben...well i like this...i really don't have much to say so i guess this is all....ttyl