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April 09, 2008

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My grandmother is doing well.  Today they're moving her out of the ICU and to a regular room.  My mother says that if she does well tonight, they'll move her to the nursing home tomorrow.  She's also been a bit nicer to the poor nurses yesterday and today.  Hopefully she'll be able to leave the nursing home eventually!

Some of you already know that when I'm worried, I feel much better if I cook.  My mother and I came up with a wonderful idea - Granddaddy has been spending most of his time at the hospital, so I cooked up a bunch of food yesterday to take to him this weekend.  Mom is paying for the groceries, but she doesn't have enough time to cook lots of extra food, so I'm happy to help!  Tomorrow, I'll work on a side dish or two, but I've already got about two weeks of main dishes in the freezer or fridge.  I need to get some more Ziploc containers!

Classes started Monday.  They're not nearly as bad as I thought they would be.  So far, I've actually learned stuff in the FOED class, which is a real shock.  This FOED is "Integrating Instructional Technology into the Classroom" and we're using Macintosh iLife.  I don't prefer Macs, but I do like Keynote, which is the Mac version of PowerPoint.  The next class is Materials and Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages, and the focus is on discussion, which is nice.  I always like it when classes, especially upper division classes, focus more on discussion than lecture.  I have a fair amount to read for that class, but both classes only meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I'm done with classes for the week!

This weekend, I'm going to my parents for Daniel's first birthday party.  I'm excited!  I know Daniel won't care too much, but it's a big deal to us.  Most of his grandparents and some great-grandparents will be there, along with his aunts and uncles.  It should be a lot of fun.  I can't wait to see if he'll eat his cake or use it for hair product.
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For those of you who have not heard, my grandmother had a stroke Saturday morning.  They successfully removed the blood clot from her brain and she's now in the ICU.  She seems to be doing as well as can be expected, and hopefully will be moved out of the ICU this week.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
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Have You Seen This Bunny?

If anyone can find an additional Mr. Floppy and wouldn't mind getting it for us, we would pay you back and be eternally grateful.

UPDATE:  Mr. Floppy is made by Prestige Toy Co for Carter's, style number 7300.  He was an easter special toy made is the spring of 2004 or 2005.  Carter's tells me they don't keep him in warehouses, as he was made so long ago, but he's likely to be found in a Burlington Coat Factory store, in Big Lots, or on Ebay.
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The doctor says that Daniel has an upper respiratory infection.  He seems to be feeling a bit better, but his nose is still extremely runny and he still has a nasty cough.  The doctor also says that he's not contagious, so he could start daycare this week, thank goodness.  (I didn't want to shove him in next week for so long without easing him in first.) 

I found a few more problems with the carpet over the last few days.  The seam between the living room and the master isn't finished, you can see the raw edge of the carpet at the seam between the living room and the study, and where the carpet meets the wood floor, there's a piece of trim that is supposed to cover the edge of the carpet, but they cut off the carpet at the edge of the trim, so you can see the raw edge there too.  I have to say that I am completely fed up.  If you ever need anything installed, go somewhere other than Lowes.  It's just not worth the hassle and the headaches.  I suppose I'm asking too much of professional installers to actually install a carpet correctly.
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Baby sick again.  Mommy and Daddy exhausted again.  
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