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April 09, 2008

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It's been just a little while since I last posted. 

Daniel very much enjoyed his second Christmas.  They practiced opening presents at daycare, so he was an expert by the time he had to do it for real.  Of course, he was much more interested in the wrapping than in the presents themselves.  Unfortunately, Daniel and I got sick on Christmas and stayed that way for about another week and a half.  (Josh's whole family was sick, but thankfully, everyone is doing much better!)

We still haven't celebrated with my family, since we were contagious when we had planned to visit.  We'll be going to see them this weekend, and I'll also be taking all three Praxis exams this weekend as well.  That should be fun!

Daniel and I got so spoiled having Josh home for so long.  He was off work from the Thursday before Christmas until the 3rd, so we got to spend so much time with him!  It was wonderful!  Daniel's gotten so much more snuggly with Josh over the vacation, and he was very sad to see Daddy go back to work.  We're all still having a great time on weekends, at least!
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Today, teaching wasn't AS bad.  Today was my last day of teaching, and the day scheduled for my professor to come and observe.  Because of this, I planned a lesson that incorporated many of the techniques she says contribute to a good lesson.  There was creativity, there was lots of discussion, both as a whole class and in small groups, there was movement around the classroom, there was a story-based grammar lesson, there was LOTS of participation from the students, and there was even an opportunity to color.  Hmmm, what could have been missing?

Oh, yeah...MY PROFESSOR.  That's right; she didn't show up.  She forgot.  I was rather livid until she told me that since it was her fault she missed it, I get a 100.  She still wants to come and observe me, so I'll have to make another lesson and teach again later this semester.
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You know, I really don't want to be a teacher.  I've gotten a taste of it this semester, especially the past couple days while I've been teaching on my own, and I really hate it.  I hate their smug, stupid expressions.  I hate their laziness.  I hate their lack of effort.  I hate the awkward silence that follows when I ask a simple question that they should have known by the second week of French I.  I hate their complete lack of concern for their grades.  I hate their complete disinterest in any culture other than their own.  I hate teaching.

I know that there are great things about teaching - I keep hearing about what a difference you can make in someone's life, and how wonderful it is to inspire someone to learn.  Well, you know, maybe I'd experience some of these wonderful things, but I really think I'm a terrible teacher, I think.  I have no patience for the students who don't try.  They drive me crazy!  Over half of the time that I walk out of the classroom this semester, I feel defeated and frustrated.

As you might guess, teaching isn't going so well.  My classroom teacher assures me that the lesson was fine, I did a fine job, and that every student teacher feels like this after their first lessons.  I suppose we'll see after tomorrow.  I know I have to go back, but I really would just like to pull the covers over my head tomorrow and stay at home and never go back a high school until my son is attending one.
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Tech's French Club is having a big fancy dinner tonight and one of the members asked if they could borrow my cooler to hold ice for the drinks.  I said sure, and she said she'd pick it up today at 11.  She called about 11:10 to say that she couldn't get it then, could she come at 12:30?  I said sure, come at 12:30.  At 12:40, she called and said she needed to stop by Hobby Lobby first, but I told her that wouldn't work since I needed to leave here before 1:30.  It is now 12:52, and she has yet to show up.  (She was on campus when she called, which is about 7 minutes from my house with traffic.)

Why would you say you'll be somewhere at a particular time if you are apparently incapable of actually being on time?
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So, I was looking over the study guide for the midterm exam for one of my education classes, I cam across the heading "Chapter 5: re FL instruction in the Middle School Classroom was not assigned, but: " followed by a list of things from the chapter that we should study for the midterm.

I don't claim to be the most logical person in the world, but it seems to me that if you tell your students that you're not going to cover a chapter, you shouldn't tell them four days before the midterm that they need to know several chunks of material from said chapter.  Not only does it not make sense to tell your students two different things, it's extremely inconsiderate to those students who happen to plan and organize their study time based on what you've already said. 

Education classes make me stabby.
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